Images and tales from my travels

Geoff Horne

SINGER / SONGWRITER / MUSICIAN...all the cool songs

Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards: Geoff Horne

Drums & Percussion: Reuben Douglas

Bass: Dave Hill

Backing Vocals: Mark Haines & Simon Head

Endless Summer I wrote back in 2014 when in the US on business. One of my friends there was talking about how he wished he could be at the beach surfing all year round and it made me think of the four seasons and how our life’s journey sometimes reflects. We all have times of winter where it seems that everything we touch turns to ice and it can be a real downer. However without exception, there is always a summer around the corner and we sometimes feel that we want to that stage to last forever, so the circle continues.

The sun goes down

Behind the hills

Of this sleepy little town

The sun has slowed

Behind the trees

That line the dusty road

Shadows roll

Off the valley floor

Of tortured souls

Bringing forth

The cooling chimes

Of emerging dawn


Sometimes I wish that summer

Could last forever

Sometimes I feel that summer

Just says whatever

How I long for the coming

Of the endless summer

Endless sun endless sun

Endless summer

The wind that comes

From down the hills

It ever sings & strums

Speaks of cold

Speaks of chill

And never ever grows old


When springtime looms

In the undergrowth

And all the flowers bloom

Just a season away

The sun calls out

For another summer's day


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