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Geoff Horne

SINGER / SONGWRITER / MUSICIAN...all the cool songs

Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards: Geoff Horne

Drums & Percussion: Reuben Douglas

Bass: Dave Hill

Backing Vocals: Alisha Nikora

Again back in 2014, I met a young lady who challenged me to rethink some of my ingrained assumptions about life and things in general. She was struggling with challenges of her own including loneliness and I wrote Hey Sunny Girl around this theme. The key thing here is that none of us are truly alone and sometimes all it takes is a little reaching out, and in, to experience that for ourselves.

Does the whisper of an angel

Hide the fading light

Will the heartbeat of a phantom

Pull his mane from sight

Is the time upon a shadow

Counted less at all

Than the turning of the sunlight

Sending shadows taller than our souls?

Can the wind upon the willows

Talk of Sunday's sun

Is the breeze from the pillow

A rest upon the run

You stand at the crossroads

Wondering which path

When the answer's there before you

Before you've even started on the road


Hey Sunny girl

At the corner of the world

Standing in a place you call your own

Do the blues in LA

Have something to say

About the way that you believe you're all alone?

You're not alone Sunny girl.

With a wisp of a wandering

Taking high & low

Countless fruitless journeys

Some fast, some slow

Life upon the highway

Is fraught with frequent tears

Unless the driver byways

The path beyond all fear of your dark


Hey Sunny girl Sunny

Cleared away the louds Sunny

Opened my eyes to things I'd never seen


You're not alone Sunny girl

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The long awaited video for Hey Sunny Girl