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Geoff Horne

SINGER / SONGWRITER / MUSICIAN...all the cool songs

Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Keyboards & Bass: Geoff Horne

Percussion: Reuben Douglas

One rainy Sunday afternoon with nothing better to do, I flicked on the TV to be greeted by an old back-and-white silent movie which starred one of the most beautiful ladies I had ever laid eyes upon. While her on-screen persona was filled with confidence and glamour, behind her eyes I perceived something more; a great vulnerability and a sense of being pushed around by people who were taking advantage and exploiting her beauty for their own gain. She was of course Greta Garbo and this song is the result of my musings.


I'm in love with Greta Garbo

I'm in love with a silent movie queen

Am I in love with Greta Garbo?

Or just the mirror on that silent movie  screen

She waltzes superb

The icon of elegant

As soft as silk

A picture of perfect

Her story is told

Of rags to riches

Transformation to

Glamour from the storm


The glory is laid

At the feet of stardom

And never wanes

From the eyes of the great

And we who see

The fruit of the labour

Can never know of

The script behind the scenes


And while the dollars roll

The exploitation rifles

Yet a shot in the dark is all it takes

To bring down the castle

And leave it in ruins

Upon blankets of green

If  only we could see

That all’s not what it seems


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