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Geoff Horne

SINGER / SONGWRITER / MUSICIAN...all the cool songs

Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards: Geoff Horne

Drums & Percussion: Reuben Douglas

Bass: Dave Hill

Backing Vocals: Alisha Nikora

I don’t know about anyone else, but as I get older I find the whole commercialism thingee around Christmas to be quite annoying. I often wonder how Jesus would view all the hoopla we roll out around this time of year given that it’s his birthday we celebrate, not Santa’s.

The shopping mall is murder

Retailers delight abounds

For Santa Claus is coming

And not just to this town

The holidays are imminent

It's that mad rush of the year

When logic seems to turn to mush

As we fill with Christmas cheer

Can weapons of mass destruction

Be put off for another day

Can the helpless, homeless & hungry

Wait 'til the 25th is out of way


I wonder, what it would be like

Seeing Christmas, through Jesus' eyes

Would it be different, in any other way?

Does the focus, upon good will

Just render, on the money till

Would it be different, can you even say?

The morning all is quiet

Out on the western front

The corridors of activity

Publicity stunt

The day itself will slowly turn

With presents for all

Childhood chortles ever churned

Become the wake-up call

Then it's all over for another year

When we'll do it all again, again

And it will click up another gear

Yet will anything have changed?


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