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Geoff Horne

SINGER / SONGWRITER / MUSICIAN...all the cool songs
KEllie don’t like the bumps

Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards: Geoff Horne

Drums & Percussion: Reuben Douglas

Bass: Dave Hill

Many years ago I worked with a young lady with whom I occasionally shared a flight home with. Beneath her confident exterior though was a fear of flying and she struggled with the usual aircraft turbulence, not in a big way but enough for her to find the task particularly distasteful. Yet she still chose to fly as her professionalism  and commitment to her work was greater than her fear which she was then able to prevent from becoming a hindrance for her.

Sitting here pretty up at 8,000 feet

Crammed so tightly into tiny seats

A little bit of bounce into sudden space

And the smile falls off Kellie's pretty face


Kellie don't like the bumps, no

Kellie don't like the bumps

Kellie don't like the bumps, no

Kellie don't like the bumps

No she don't like

So rock'n'roll it’s a hairy ride

All that way up here high up in the sky

Kellie's watching waves in her coffee cup

And I'm just hoping that she don't throw up


Back on the runway, secure on the ground

Onto the bus, and to the terminal safe and sound

With a big sudden jolt and a twist and swerve

As the wheels hit a speed hump on a tarmac curve


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