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Hello & thanks for visiting, by way of introduction my name is Geoff Horne & I’ve been playing & singing since I was seven.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed many years playing in bands and performing solo. I credit my passion for an electric guitar to a high school band I saw when I was eleven, covering George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord. Something about that twang captured my imagination & from that time on, the pursuit of the perfect guitar tone has been high on life’s agenda.

My first album of original songs is also now complete. I’ve called it Love Only You, details can be found by clicking Albums over there or down there!

I endeavour to cover a full range of musical styles & genres although admit to a weakness for rockabilly, which seems to me to be an almost perfect blending of 30’s blues, 40’s swing, 50’s rock’n’roll with a smattering of 60’s pop thrown in, with sincerest apologies to all diehard rockabilly fans. 

I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand & can travel anywhere you like (& are prepared to pay for!).

I’m available for any event & can perform with guitar, piano or with backing tracks. While I typically do so solo, I can also provide duo or trio options as well.

Call me on 021 634 900 or email on  for more information and pricing.

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I was taught classical piano from the ages of 7 through 13, at which time I decided that the piano was uncool & that an electric guitar offered far more possibilities both musically & with the ladies. Once I got married, piano made a comeback & both now form part of my musical quiver


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