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Geoff Horne

SINGER / SONGWRITER / MUSICIAN...all the cool songs
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Track Listing:

All songs written by Geoff Horne

Produced & arranged by Geoff Horne & Reuben Douglas

Recorded, engineered & mixed by Reuben Douglas at 

  Resound Studios, Auckland, NZ, 2015/6

Mastered by Vivek Gabriel at Gabriel Studios, Auckland, NZ

Thanks to all involved: to Reuben, for all knob twirling, putting up with my pedantics; to Dave, for the sweet, sweet, low tones; to Pete, for the dulcet sax on Love Only You; to Mark, Simon, Tony, Alastair & Alisha, for all harmonies great & small & finally to Vivek, for the icing on the cake!

And for the afficionados, guitars used were:

1962 Gibson Les Paul SG Custom

1963 Fender Telecaster

1965 Fender Stratocaster

1966 Gretsch Nashville 6120

2010 Taylor T5 Standard