Images and tales from my travels

Geoff Horne

SINGER / SONGWRITER / MUSICIAN...all the cool songs

Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards: Geoff Horne

Drums & Percussion: Reuben Douglas

Bass: Dave Hill

Backing Vocals: Mark Haines

In 2015, I visited Peter Jackson’s Word War I Gallipoli exhibition at the Te Papa Museum in Wellington. I found the experience and the way the scenes were depicted particularly moving and given that both my wife & I had grandfathers who fought for their respective countries in that conflict, it was even more poignant. The Hills Run Red is the result and is written from the kiwi perspective of the Gallipoli campaign where so many Anzacs were killed or wounded.

A lonely cove

A sandy beach

A circling ridge

A hopeless reach

An enemy dug in

A line to traverse

A ground to take

A trend to reverse

The flow starts straight away

The fallen carried out

From the curtain rise

From the front of house


The hills run red

With the heart of those

Fed on adventure yarns

And guarantees

With reality a far cry

From the centre of an eye

That's fixed on nothing more

Than fantasy

A pointless cause

A wasted day

A forlorn hope

Yet no one would say

The papers couldn't print

The truth in the raw

Censored from the real

In case someone saw

And at the end of time

When the call finally came

2779 left behind

Forever left the same

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