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Geoff Horne

SINGER / SONGWRITER / MUSICIAN...all the cool songs
Watchyaback Cat

Vocals, Guitars, Piano & Keyboards: Geoff Horne

Drums & Percussion: Reuben Douglas

Bass: Dave Hill

Backing Vocals: Mark Haines, Simon Head, Tony Brown-Haysom & Alastair Attwood

There was a photo doing the rounds on the internet a while back of a big black crow (I think) trailing and seemingly taunting a very unimpressed cat. I thought at the time this was great depiction of temptation where the cat could have at any time turned around and scattered feathers yet he leaves the crow to its antics and just gets on with his journey. Perhaps when confronted with temptation, we can take a page out the cat book!

Well there I was just lonely

Strolling down the road

Minding my own business

No load, no load

And I got that funny feeling

That I wasn't on my own

And yes I'm sure you know the one

It says you're not alone

But I didn't dare glance behind

Afraid of what I might see

I just carried on straight ahead

Whatever will be will be

Yet I couldn't shake that sensation

Of being watched from behind

And when I finally turned around

He'd darted off to one side

And I thought that I heard him say...


Watchyaback cat watchyaback

Watchyaback cat watchyaback

I ain't no blowing  bubbles through no chimney stack

Watchyaback cat watchyaback

He was shaded as the ace of spades

An eternal poacher, lean & mean

A trickster if I ever saw one

Who's screech can make ears bleed

Three steps behind me he would prance

But wouldn't come any nearer

Yet his distance & his dance

Could not have been any clearer

Cos he knows that feline wiles

Are quicker than a flash

And if I'd turned and had a go

He'd have to exit in a dash

So I didn't bother playing his silly game

And let him have his fun

I'd ruffle his feathers one more time

Before this day was done

And all he could say was...


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